Diagram Books

Dressage Illustrated has two collections of diagram books - rider's books and judge's books.  

Rider's books are used by riders to know their tests.  This knowledge includes memorizing the test movements, understanding the flow of the test gaits through the movements, and understanding the key elements on which the test ride will be judged as described in the directive ideas. This knowledge allows the rider to concentrate on riding the test and not trying to listen to a caller and figure out what they are saying.  Knowing a test well is critical and necessary (but not sufficient) to achieve a good score when you ride the test.  

Judges use the Judge's books to become familiar with the tests and the pattern of the movements and to refresh their memory of the tests they will be judging. Judges also refresh their understanding of the judging criteria by reviewing the directive ideas for the test movements prior to judging a test.  

Updates are updates of a few new pages for diagram books in 3-ring binders. Typically they are the update of a test or two or a correction issued by the test organization.

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Rider's Diagram Books

 Judge's Diagram Books