Letter Perfect Dressage Arena Boards

  • The best way to perform the initial memorization of a dressage test is to practice drawing the diagrams of each movement on a high-quality, drawn-to-scale, dry erase dressage arena board.

  • Draw your test using standard notation for gaits (i.e., dots for walk, dashes for trot, solid lines for canter, and so on).

  • Then compare what you have drawn to the Dressage Illustrated diagrams. Is your geometry correct? Do your gait transitions occur where they are supposed to occur?

  • Practice drawing the test until it becomes second nature. Do not skip this all-important step. You may be surprised to find that although you believe you have a good visualization of the test, the figures you draw from memory are not accurate, or your transitions are early or late.

  • Be proactive rather than passive in learning your tests by drawing them rather than simply studying the diagrams.

  • INSTRUCTORS and TRAINERS find diagram boards to be valuable tools for communicating to their students exactly what figure to ride, or what they are doing wrong. One picture is worth a thousand words.

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