Paypal "Pending" delay

Payments made using Paypal may be delayed up to six days.  Paypal recently instituted a "Pending" classification for payment transactions which may last up to four business days.  Payments made with Paypal that are subject to the Pending delay result in the following letter to Dressage Illustrated.  

Pending status also results in a notice on our shopping cart warning that the order should not be filled until Paypal releases the transaction.  

Email and phone attempts seeking a detailed explanation from Paypal were not answered.  Our request to stop placing transactions in a Pending status were ignored.  

Payment from Xxxxx Xxxxx on Jun 3, 2017 is pending


Dear Legend Enterprises,

We've placed a temporary pending status on this transaction.


$113.95 USD

Transaction ID:



To comply with government regulations, PayPal is required to review certain transactions. This payment is currently being reviewed and we will complete this process within 72 hours. This review only involves this transaction and does not affect the use of your PayPal account for other transactions.

For more information on the reasons for the review, see Government regulations and policies .


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