2022 WDAA Basic Level

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Text and color graphic diagrams of the 2022 WDAA Basic Level Tests 1,2,3,4.  Text includes Directives which are the key elements on which the movements are judged.  Purpose, Instructions, and Collective Marks (extra points) are explained.  The General Information section provides a key for Scoring, the graphic symbols for the gaits and movements, and small and large arena diagrams.  The new gaits and movements in the tests are defined with excerpts from the WDAA Rules  Printed on synthetic paper with laminated cover.  12 pages.  8.5 x 11 inches size.  

Truly Unsurpassed is a 2007 American Paint Horse Association overo mare.  Truly Unsurpassed is WDAA's first Supreme Champion.  She has earned multiple World Championships as well as earning USEF Western Dressage Horse of the Year in 2017 for Level 2 and 2018 for Level 3. Truly Unsurpassed has been immortalized by becoming a 2019 Breyer Horse Model.  She is trained and shown by Nancy Conley of Calhoun, Ga.

Photo by Meagen Sheriff.