About Us

Since the mid-1980's Dressage Illustrated has served as a United States standard for learning new dressage tests. Riders find the diagrams of the written tests a tremendous aid in visualizing the test and riding tests correctly. 

Bruce & Linda Hamilton purchased Dressage Illustrated from Ogle Farm's Publishing in 1993 and began publishing the AHSA Dressage Test rider's books.  Our publishing has evolved from outsourcing the book creation and printing to doing all that in-house today.  We have expanded our product line to add FEI classic dressage, USEA and FEI eventing dressage, and WDAA western dressage with books for both riders and judges.  The original six books has grown to 28 on this web site.  Our market has expanded from just the United States to include Canada, Europe, and Australia.  

Linda has ridden horses all her life. She is a horse owner, trainer, dressage rider, and active riding instructor.  Linda is the final authority for the Dressage Illustrated test formats and diagrams on all the Dressage Illustrated tests.

Bruce is a retired electrical engineer and company manager.  He formats the test text, creates the diagrams, prints the tests, and is the webmaster of this site.  

We live on a beautiful 11 acre horse ranch on a hill in North San Diego County in a wonderful community known as Elfin Forest.  From our apartment over the barn we watch the sun rise over the eastern mountains and set in the Pacific.  We currently have six horses on site that we care for in addition to our business.  Our front yard is a full size dressage arena and our backyard is four large, fenced turnouts.  

In addition to the horses, we have a local coyote pack that provides audio and visual entertainment and two cats.  Below is Toeny, our polydactyl cat, holding down the FEI Judges book inventory

Feel free to call or write us with any questions or suggestions to improve our books.  

Bruce & Linda Hamilton