What are the WDAA 2017 Test Updates?

All the WDAA tests - Introduction, Basic, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, have been changed. They are shorter (fewer movements) have fewer micro movements (less than 12 meters in length), and fewer coefficient movements..  The number of collective marks has been reduced from seven to five.  Dressage Illustrated has new 2017 WDAA diagram books available for riders and judges.

What are the FEI 2017 Test Changes?

The 2017 FEI Seniors tests have 40 changes and the Juniors, and Young Riders tests have 48 changes.  Most of the updates are "rebracketing" (moving part of a movement to an adjacent movement) and some additions to improve clarity.  The changes affect the diagrams and scoring.  Judges and riders will need new books so their text and diagrams match the score sheets.  The FEI Seniors and Juniors & Young Riders 2017 tests are on the FEI web site and become effective January 1, 2017

The 2017 FEI Para Equestrian tests are ALL new!  The titles of the levels have been changed.  The new Para Equestrian FEI tests are on the FEI website and will become effective January 1, 2017.  

Both riders and judges will need to review the new tests.  Dressage Illustrated will have new FEI Seniors, Junior & Young Riders, and  Para Equestriam 2017 test diagram books available in late December 2016.  We will notify all FEI book customers with an email. 

FEI replaced the FEI Eventing 4*A&B tests effective January 1, 2017.  Updates will be available for riders and judges.  

What are Custom Covers for Laminated books and Binders?

  1. A standard cover with the picture of the "feet" replaced by a picture and text you provide.  Most people provide a digital picture of their horse or them riding their horse and text of the horse's name or their name and the horse's name.   .  
  2. A completely custom cover you provide with none standard book title or Dressage Illustrated name on it.  The cover image needs to be digital and in a standard format (.jpg, .png, .pdf, etc.)
  3. See the information on Custom Covers in the Home Page Footer for more details on the image requirements and how to send it to us. 

When will the current tests change?

WDAA Western Dressage Tests Jan 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2021
FEI Seniors, Jr & Young Riders Jan 1, 2017 ?????
FEI Para Equestrian Jan 1, 2017 ?????
USEA Eventing Tests Dec 1, 2013 Dec 1, 2017
USDF/USEF - Intro, Training, thru Fourth Level Dec 1, 2014 Dec 1, 2018
FEI Eventing  4*A & B Tests Jan 1, 2017 ?????
FEI Young Horse Jan 1, 2016 ?????


How do I know I have the current test?

Look on the General Information page or the back cover of the test for the copyright date (© 2013).  That date should have the same year as the effective date above.  


What is the difference between the Judge's tests books and the rider's test books?

The Judge's tests have the diagrams reversed to show them with A (at the top of the diagram) because the Judge sits at C looking toward A.  The Riders Tests have the diagrams shown from C (at the top of the diagram) because the riders enter from A riding toward the Judge at C.  That is the only difference.  Both Judges and Riders Tests contain the directives (text) which instruct the Judge what performance factors to judge in each movement.  Many riders find the Judges diagrams confusing because they are reversed.  Judges prefer the diagrams from A because they appear the same as the judge sees the arena. 


2017 WDAA Level 2 Test 1 Movements 5, 13.  The loop should touch the centerline instead of the quarter line.  A to the diagram correction can be made with a red pen.  Corrections sent for Judges and Instructors books.  All books are correct after 2-28-2017.

2017 WDAA Level 2 Test 2 Movement 12.  The gait after the halt should be a collected jog.  A correction can be made to the diagram by drawing a dashed line over the red lope line with a pen.  Corrections sent for Judges and Instructors books.  All books are correct after 2-28-2017.

2017 WDAA All Freestyle Tests.  

WDAA changed all four freestyle tests 3-2-2017.  The changes are a reordering of the movements in each test by gait and adding some limits to the test and movements.  One paragraph in the Judging guidance section was removed.  Per the Terms of Service on this web site, Dressage Illustrated is not responsible for updating product in the field when the issuing organization makes changes.  The changes are described in a PDF document (link here).  New pages with the updated tests for the Judges and Instructors books will be available for purchase in "Updates" in the Diagram Books page.