Dressage Test Learning Guide

The Dressage Illustrated Test Learning Guide provides a process to help you learn (memorize) know your dressage tests quickly and accurately.  

Memorizing a test is a well proven way to improve test scores by allowing the rider to concentrate on the horse and not waste concentration by trying to remember the test.

Once a test is memorized, the process of knowing the test begins.  Knowing involves understanding the judging criteria for each movement as listed in the directive ideas and meeting those criteria during the test ride.  

Practice riding the test working to meet the criteria listed in the directive ideas is key to knowing the test.  

Then ride the test at shows.  Start with schooling shows and pay attention to the judges comments on the test score sheet.  Then progress to shows with registered dressage judges and again pay attention to the comments. 

Click Here to download a copy of the guide.