2019 Dressage Test Changes

2019 USDF Tests

USDF  has released the 2019 classic dressage tests for Intro through Fourth Level, the Developing Horse tests, and the Freestyle tests.   All Dressage Illustrated diagram books for these tests are shipping.  

 2019 FEI Test Changes

FEI has announced a new 2019 Olympic Games Eventing Dressage Test (2019 OG Test) and changes to the Collective Marks on all the other tests.  An email notification of this change was sent to those who have purchased FEI Eventing tests from Dressage Illustrated .  The Collective Marks changes can be made with a pen.  The Judges FEI Eventing Test book and the Instructors FEI Eventing Test book have been updated to the 2019 edition to include these changes.  

2019 WDAA Test Changes

WDAA has announced the following changes to their tests in 2019:  

-Added Introductory Level Freestyle Test
- Level 1 Test 3:  Changed movement #7 and #11 to reflect "3-5 strides of jog"
  rather than "2-3 strides of jog."
- Level 4 Test 4:  Change movement #9 to reflect "slight right flexion"
  rather than "slight left flexion."
- Level 2 Test 4; Changed movement #10 to reflect "slight right flexion" rather
than "slight left flexion".
- Level 4 ALL Tests; Removed "All jog work must be ridden sitting".

 Because this is a WDAA change, Dressage Illustrated will make the change in shipments after 2-6-19.  Those who purchased books before that time can make the change with a pen.