2020 Dressage Test Changes

 2020 FEI Test Changes

FEI has announced updates/additions to the following groups of tests.  The changes are significant enough they change the diagrams and scoring on one or more tests.  

  • FEI Seniors tests (updates)
  • FEI Children tests (updates)
  • FEI Young Horses Grand Prix (addition - for National Competition)
  • FEI Eventing tests

Judges and riders FEI test books affected have been updated to the 2020 edition to include these changes and are available for purchase.  


2020 WDAA Test Changes

WDAA has announced the following additions to their tests in 2020:  

- Seven Western Exceptional Rider Tests for handicapped riders similar to the lowest level of the FEI Para Equestrian tests.  These tests will not count toward points and no handicap classification is needed for riders of these tests.

Dressage Illustrated is emailing the availability of an insert of the Exceptional Rider tests to the 2018 WDAA Judges and Instructors books for purchase on our web site and all who have ordered the 2017 or 2018 Judges, Instructors, and Callers Handbook books will receive an email notice of the addition.  

If Dressage Illustrated receives 10 or more orders for the additions before February 10, 2020 we will produce and ship these additions and include them in the 2020 edition of these books.  If not, we will refund any orders received.