ALL 2019 USDF diagram books and audios are UNAVAILABLE. - - - WDAA, FEI, etc. diagram books and audios will continue to be available as normal.

2021 Dressage Test Changes

 2021 USDF/USEF Test Changes

Due to the excessive increase in copyright fees by the USDF, Dressage Illustrated cannot afford to pay them so new USDF/USEF 2019 Dressage Illustrated diagram books for judges, instructors, and riders will no longer be sold.  We may develop a market for used versions if demand is sufficient.  We will attempt to renegotiate a lower fee for the 2023 editions when 2023 arrives.  

2021 FEI Test Changes

FEI has released the 2021 Short Grand Prix test for the Olympics addition to the FEI Seniors & Childrens tests.  The 2020 FEI Seniors & Childrens books have been updated to include the test as the 2021 books.  In addition, the test will be available for addition to a 2020 Judges book as an insert.  See the Updates section of the Order Books and Audios page. 

FEI has released major changes (changes diagrams) to FEI Eventing tests CCI1*, CCI3 A and CCI3 B.  The 2019 FEI Eventing judges book has been updated to the 2021 FEI Eventing Judges book.  It is available. 

2021 WDAA Test Changes

None yet, but every year WDAA makes small changes to their tests.  We expect 2021 to be no exception.  We will list them here and will include them as a running change to the WDAA books after WDAA changes are released.