2022 Dressage Test Changes

 2022 USDF/USEF Test Changes

Due to the excessive increase in copyright fees by the USDF, Dressage Illustrated cannot afford to pay them so new USDF/USEF 2019 Dressage Illustrated diagram books for judges, instructors, and riders will no longer be sold.  We may develop a market for used versions if demand is sufficient.  We will attempt to renegotiate a lower fee for the 2023 editions when 2023 arrives.  

2022 WDAA Test Changes

All new tests for Intro through Level 4.  Level 5 added. New Equitation Tests Intro - Level 2. New Dressage Illustrated riders, instructors, and judges books will be available on the Dressage Illustrated web site by 12-1-21. New Apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store will be available in 2022 Q1 or before.    

2022 USEA Test Changes

Eventing Dressage Tests for the 2022 competition year. Updated Eventing Dressage Tests for the 2022 completition year will be published in the coming weeks, effective December 1st, 2021. Riders and Judges Dressage Illustrated books will be available by 1-1-22

2022 FEI Test Changes

 FEI has made minor changes to all their classic dressage test forms regarding penality scoring and/or horse information.  No changes have been made to test text or the diagrams of the tests.