2022 Dressage Test Changes

 2022 USDF/USEF Test Changes

Due to the excessive increase in copyright fees by the USDF, Dressage Illustrated cannot afford to pay them so new USDF/USEF 2019 Dressage Illustrated diagram books for judges, instructors, and riders will no longer be sold.  We will attempt to renegotiate a lower fee for the 2023 editions when 2023 arrives.  

2022 WDAA Test Changes

All new tests for Intro through Level 4.  Level 5 added. New Equitation Tests Intro - Level 2. New Dressage Illustrated riders, instructors, and judges books are available on the Dressage Illustrated web site. New Apps for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store will be available in 2022 Q1.    

2022 USEA Test Changes

Eventing Dressage Tests for the 2022 competition year are available on the USEventing web site.  Developement of Dressage Illustrated versions of these tests will not be started until a copyright agreement between DI and USEA is approved by both parties.  This may not happen until early January 2022.  After that, development of the diagram tests for Instructors and Judges will require 30 days.  Please note that USEA has decided to update the directives in eight of the new tests that were initially published on their site.  Hopefully they will identify the updated tests.  

2022 FEI Test Changes

 FEI has made minor changes to all their classic dressage test forms such as Seniors, Childrens, Juniors, etc., particularly those labeled "Updated 2022" regarding penality scoring and/or horse information which do not affect the diagrams.  

FEI has made minor changes in their 2022 Eventing tests in CCI 1* M3,9, 5*A M12,14,19, 5*B M16 for clarification that do not affect the diagrams. 

A change in 2022 FEI Eventing 5*B M23 has a minor effect on the diagram for that movement. 

Note:  The 2021 Dressage Illustrated FEI Eventing Judges book has an error in 5* Test A M20.  The circle should be ridden in working canter. 

The 2022  FEI Eventing test and diagram changes and the correction in the 2021 Judges book will be cut into the Dressage Illustrated Judges book as a running change to shipments after 12-25-21.