Dressage Illustrated ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!!

Dressage Illustrated products can be used by rider and judges to learn and know dressage tests from USDF, USEF, USEA, FEI, and WDAA ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!!

Our products can be used in sunlight or shade, inside or outside, and without an internet connection (after any necessary downloads).  Our products are durable and designed for the hard use by riders and judges.  

Dressage Illustrated products support a variety of different uses from helping a rider decide which test to ride to completely knowing a test and achieving a good score.  

We invite you to explore this site.  Look at the example test diagrams at the link in the home page footer, listen to an example Dressage Illustrated audio also in the home page footer, and most of all, download and study the Dressage Test Learning Guide.

The Dressage Test Learning Guide will lead you to knowing your test.  Knowing a test includes memorizing the test movements, understanding the flow of the test gaits through the movements, and understanding the key elements on which the test ride will be judged as described in the directive ideas. This knowledge allows the rider to concentrate on riding the test and not trying to listen to a caller and figure out what they are saying.  Knowing a test well is critical and necessary (but not sufficient) to achieve a good score when you ride the test.  

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