New Rider's Book Technology

These books use a new printing technology.  They are printed on Teslin synthetic paper with permanent color ink – the same technology used to make all weather maps for hikers, boaters, sportsmen, and outdoor professionals.  

Teslin is a thin sheet of plastic laminated on each side with thin sheets of paper.  It is waterproof and rugged.  It has been around for decades and is a proven, durable, material.  

The previous book technology of laminated heavy paper looked rugged, but was not.  You can easily tear a page of the (black) books in half manually.  Try it on your old book.  We had complaints about them getting torn and battered in tack box storage.  

The printing price of the old technology than doubled due to the small quantities, color diagrams, and increased cost of lamination.  We would have needed to raise the price of the rider’s books to at least $20 compensate for the cost increase.  

The new technology is much more durable and supports color printing.  The cover is laminated with a 3 mil plastic.  It is impossible to tear manually.  The inside sheets are Teslin.  They are protected with the indestructible cover sheet. All pages are printed with permanent color ink.  The new books are waterproof, durable, and allow us to maintain the 2013 prices.  

If you have problems with this new technology, please let us know. 

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