USDF/USEF Caller Audios

Dressage Audios (MP3 files) are a dressage test learning-aid for riders competing at all levels.  They match the timing of a ridden test like a live caller. Riders who learn their test with Audios store the test movements in their sub-conscious, ready for effortless retrieval.  When the rider instinctively knows the test, they can focus their complete concentration on riding their horse which leads to improved performance.
Dressage Audios are called to match the timing of a ridden test to the accompaniment of a metronome beat. This beat, with repetition, will synchronize with the memorized movements of the test and embed them in the sub-conscious, for recall at the right time and place as the test is ridden. 

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2023 USDF Introductory Level

2023 USEF Training Level

2023  USEF First Level

2023 USEF Second Level

2023 USEF Third Level 

2023 USEF Fourth Level 

2023 USDF/USEF Caller's Handbook