Custom Covers

Dressage Illustrated's new printing process provides the capability to produce custom covers on both laminated rider books and 3-ring binder books for riders and judges.  This web site has been updated to show which books are or will be available with a custom cover.  Two options are available for a custom cover.  See the image below

  1. The cover photograph of the tracking-up feet is replace with a 4x5 inch picture of your choice with a text caption below it.  Most customers chose a picture of them riding their horse or just their horse with the text of their name and/or their horse's name.  The photo must be supplied in a standard digital format  of jpg, png, pdf, etc.
  2. The whole cover is replaced with an image of your choice.  It does not need to contain the normal book title and Dressage Illustrated name.  It can have any text a customer wants so long as it is legal and not profane.  The cover image must be supplied in a standard digital format of jpg, png, pdf, etc.

$15 is charged for a custom cover when a book is ordered as an option for the book.  

After a custom cover is ordered, the custom image and text should be sent to  If the image is not received within a day, the production of the book will be delayed and a message will be sent to the name on the order requesting the custom image and text.  


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