New Dressage Illustration "Look" and Production Process

During 2016 Dressage Illustrated transitioned production of our new books from heavy paper in sheet protectors in 3-ring binders for Instructors, Judges, and large riders books and laminated heavy paper for most riders books to durable synthetic paper in 3-ring binders for Instructors and Judges books and durable synthetic paper with a laminated cover for riders books.  

These books use a new printing technology.  They are printed on Teslin synthetic paper with permanent color ink – the synthetic paper is water-proof and is printed with water-proof, permanent ink.  This is the same technology used to make all weather maps for hikers, boaters, sportsmen, and outdoor professionals.  

This new paper makes all books, particularly the Instructors and Judges books much lighter in weight and thinner.  All diagrams will be printed in color with green for walk, blue for trot/jog, and red for canter/lope.  In addition, the covers will be more colorful and completely custom covers are available for both 3-ring binders and riders laminated books. The rider's books will have a laminated cover that is impossible to tear to provide extra protection

See the example of the new look below.  


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