Dressage Audios are a dressage test learning-aid for riders competing at all levels.  Combining tried and tested methods of learning, it has been developed to cause riders who learn their test with it to store it in their sub-conscious, ready for effortless retrieval.  When the rider does not need to try consciously to remember the test, they can instead focus their complete concentration on riding their horse which leads to improved performance.
Dressage Audios employ the latest scientific audio-visual learning methods, combining listening to the test being called with visualization, as you trace the pattern of the movements on the arena diagram. In our recordings, the tests are called in real-time to the accompaniment of a metronome beat. This beat, with repetition, will synchronize with the memorized movements of the test and embed them in the sub-conscious, ready for effortless recall at the right time and place as the test is ridden. 

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