Updating 2022 WDAA Dressage Tests for Errors & Changes

Updating 2022 WDAA Dressage Tests 
for Errors & Changes

Documents - the following documents will be needed to make any/all changes to the Dressage Illustrated books you have purchased. 

Making Changes

  • Caution - The paper is NOT ERASABLE.  Any attempt to erase makes an ugly mess on the paper and renders the erased area unwritable.  THINK before you write.  
  • Test Text Written Changes - will be made by writing on the synthetic paper in the book(s) with a fine black, ball point pen.  
  • Diagram Written Changes - for best results use a black, blue, green, or red fine, ball point pen or gel pens for proper colors of the diagram changes.  
  • 3-Ring Binder page replacement changes - after receiving the replacement pages simply find the page to be replaced in the binder, open the rings, remove the old page, add the new page, close the rings.  
  • Spiral Binder page replacements - Replacing pages involves opening the spiral binding with the book open to the proper place, removing the old page, adding the new page, and closing the spiral binding.  Some may find writing in the changes easier.  

 Specific Book Updates

  • Riders Laminated Cover Level Books - Using the 2022 WDAA Dressage Test Errata document (which is ordered by Level) find the changes your book needs. Make the written corrections to your book's text and diagrams with the proper color ball point pen.  
  • Instructors & Judges Books - two update methods are available.  

    • 1) Make all updates with written corrections using a pen - for both 3-ring binders and spiral binders follow the above procedure for the Riders Laminated Cover Level Books. 

    • 2) Make updates with page replacements
      •  a) Order replacement pages - On the Dressage Illustrated web site (dressageillustrated.com) Click on the Heading "Order Books & Audios" at the top, click on "Updates," (or click this link) then click on the replacement page package you need - Instructors 3-ring, Instructors Spiral, Judges 3-ring, or Judges Spiral.  

      • b) Insert Pages After you receive the page replacement package, replace the pages from the package.  Then follow the 2022 WDAA Dressage Test Errata document to ensure all the corrections were made
        Warning, adding pages to a spiral binder following the insertion process in the link below is not easy or simple, but possible.
        Replacing Pages in Spiral Dresssage Illustrated books
         If you have questions, please contact us at bruce@dressageIllustrated.com